Le batterie al litio sono ultra leggereUltra-Lightweight
BC Lithium Batteries are up to 80% lighter than equivalent lead/acid batteries 

Le batterie al litio sono più potenti delle batterie al piomboHigher Power
High cranking current, up to 50 times the battery capacity (more than 3 times the power of lead/acid batteries)

Le batterie al litio durano fino a 2000 cicli di carica e scaricaLonger Lifespan
About 2000 charge / discharge cycles, vs 300/400 of lead/acid batteries. Lifespan in stock: over 1 year (we recommend to recharge batteries once every 3 months in case of prolonged shelf storage)

Le batterie al litio non inquinanoRespect for the Environment
Eco-friendly and non-polluting batteries, no acids or heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury)

Le batterie al litio sono sicure al 100%Guaranteed Safety
Non-flammable and non-explosive, no risk of acid leakage. Safe for use in motorsport 

La batterie al litio si ricaricano rapidamenteFast charging, slow self-discharge
Reduced charging times, they can bear high currents (up to 10 times the battery capacity) and have a reduced self-discharge

BC LITHIUM BATTERIES - Ultralight and high performance LiFePO4 Batteries

BC LITHIUM BATTERIES is the new range of LiFePO4 starting batteries, lighter than traditional lead/acid batteries and offering a better cranking performance and a much higher lifespan, both during storage (thanks to their low self-discharged) and for cycles of charge/discharge.
BC LITHIUM BATTERIES are ideal for motorcycles, ATVs and jetskis, particularly for use in sports and for racing, when the biker enjoys the highest cranking performance and a significant weight reduction, in compliance with the most rigorous safety standards.

Lead/acid batteries belong to a mature technology that has not changed significantly in recent years. On the other side, rather remarkable has been the development of lithium batteries: not only they have become the main solution for the operation of consumer electronics products, but with the development of technology LiFePO4 they are assuming the role of a valid and competitive alternative to lead-acid batteries for motor starting.

Lithium batteries have been for many years used only in consumer electronics. It was not possible to transfer the benefits to the automotive industry for reasons of price and safety. Today, thanks to LiFePO4 technology (Lithium = Li, FePO4 = Iron phosphate) which is present in BC LITHIUM BATTERIES, we can ensure maximum safety and an excellent performance to your motorbike.

Each battery BC LITHIUM consists of four LiFePO4 cells 3.2 Volts each, for a nominal voltage of 12.8 Volt. It is important to remember that on the market there are still lithium batteries with a different chemical composition (LiCoO2 - lithium cobalt oxide - Li-Ion or Li-Po), which do not ensure the same levels of safety as LiFePO4 batteries: their chemical structure is less stable and there may be danger of fire under certain operating conditions.

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