BC Starter Kit is available in two versions, with and without Jump Starter included.

BC Starter Kit

BC Starter Kit con Booster

BC Starter Kit (senza Booster)

Directly from the experience gained in the world Superbike, BC Battery Controller makes available to its customers who ask for the maximum in terms of quality and performance the system, called BC Starter Kit, able to ensure the definitive solution to the problem of "remaining with a FLAT battery with your bike".

BC Starter KIT provides the following advantages:

- battery weight reduction up to 80%, switching to a LiFePO4 battery by BC Lithium Batteries.

- the connection of the jump starter becomes a matter of few seconds.

- the connection of the battery maintainer takes place exploiting the same cable used for jumpstarting, thus avoiding to install too many cables around the battery.

- the battery charger / maintainer BC Lithium 900 can be left always connected and allows you to keep the battery fully charged when your motorcycle is stored over a period of time, as well as to recover the battery in case of deep discharge starting from 1.25V, the lowest value on the market.

- the emergency jump starter is portable (as big as a smartphone) and it can be also used as a power bank.

The first step is to take advantage of the search engine below to identify the battery based on the make and model of your motorcycle and then the corresponding BC Starter Kit code. If your vehicle is not listed, fill out the BC information request form.

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