Battery Connector with Eyelets - STD2V - Installation Procedure

The following operations are necessary for a correct set-up of the device. Please note the recommended cables configuration (STD2V cable always on-board and connected to the battery poles) allows you to perform this procedure just once.
The user is kindly requested to execute the installation with maximum care (see Directions and Safety section on the manual). If necessary, please entrust qualified personnel with the execution of the steps reported here below:

  1. Connect the cable STD2V to the battery: connect the black wire to the (-) negative Battery pole, the red wire to the (+) positive battery pole.

Moreover, in order to ensure a regular functioning, it is suggested to periodically check the correct and stable connection of the eyelets to the Battery and the removal of eventual dust and oil from poles with a metallic brush.

Battery Charger Installation Procedure

  1. Connect the device (off state) to the 220V power outlet.
  2. Verify that the battery charger is on (LCD display or red LED on, signaling that the battery is not connected).
  3. Remove the connector saver cap from the STD2V battery cable and connect the battery charger to the battery cable. Alternatively, connect the battery charger to the cigar socket through ACC612V (Universal Cigar Socket Adapter) or directly to the battery poles through 30AMPPZ (Battery Connector with Clamps).

Once connected, the battery charger will start the charging cycle.

Battery Charger Disconnection Procedure

  1. Disconnect the device from the 220V power outlet.
  2. Disconnect the device from the battery cable with eyelets (or clamps, or cigar socket adapter).
  3. Restore the connector saver cap on the STD2V battery cable connector.
  4. Put the battery cable cable back in its hiding place.
  5. Put the battery charger back in its box to minimise its exposure to the atmospheric agents.


The range BC Battery Controller is absolutely safe and able to allow an easy installation, without any risk even for the less expert user.
Laboratory Tests ensure the manufacturing of products in conformity to the regulations in force on safety and electro-magnetic compatibility.

Norms and Regulations:


  • Protection against overcharging/overheating of the Battery
  • Protection against polarity inversion
  • Protection against permanent short circuit
  • Battery charger thermically protected against overheating
  • No need to disconnect the Battery from the vehicle
  • No risk of damages for the vehicle's electronics
  • Very few gas development during the charge: no need to remove the Battery plugs

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